Why CrossStream might be useful

CrossStream has already aggregated 80386054 keywords.

Recording which cities was the most hit by the typhoon Hagupit based on social network has been an interesting experience. Reading what people were saying in those regions allows to have a better understanding of what was happening.

Example of real-time activity on Charlie Hebdo's attack. It is possible to see when the final assault on the jihadists was executed. Checkout the wall to see what people were saying.

But Hagupit has not been the only crisis recorded by CrossStream. Non-environmental events have been followed as well, for instance the Ferguson strikes, as well as the hostage taking in the Sydney Cafe that led to a tragic end in December 2014. More recently all the web has been mobilized for Charlie Hebdo. The most popular messages, displayed on a wall, create a terrific panel of opinions. CrossStream recorded more than 4 millions messages on Twitter. An incredible mobilization. On the chart it is possible to see the end of the hostage taking pretty well, showing how reactive people can be, and how CrossStream can capture it.

Imagine for an instant that you are running a newspaper. Wouldn't you like to have, in real-time, insights about what is happening on social networks, and all of them aggregated on-the-fly? CrossStream graphs could show you how people responded to announcements, events, crisis, forums, meetings and more, and have a significant impact on the way you are going to present it to people, while providing an interesting source of information.

Follow Important Events

Is an election running in your country in a few days? Would you like to know what people are thinking, which articles made the buzz? CrossStream might be right for you. For instance see the graph on the Swiss Vote on Mass Immigration and its outcomes, how citizens saw it as a threat to the bilateral agreements.

On November 2014 was held a G20 meeting in Australia. People were worried that the Ukraine Crisis might overshadow the discussion. CrossStream was able to prove that it was not the case on social networks.
Perhaps the next crowd-based proof could be yours?

Example of real-time activity on the Swiss vote: there was not much debates before Sunday and the results, canton by canton.

Your Impacts

Do you work in a company and you are going to release an announcement about the brand new tool you have been working on during the past few months? Do you want to see in real-time, as the announce goes on, what is the reaction on social networks, correlated with the content of your announce?

CrossStream could answer such need: by using a mobile frame of varying length during which messages remain counted, CrossStream could propose really fast answers. For instance, see how the system can be reactive during a tennis match - each important action has an impact!

Example of real-time activity during the ATP World Tour finals. Each action in the match was translated into a burst of social messages.

Mission Statement

The goal of CrossStream is to provide real-time analytics of various crowd-based sources and reliably measure the impact of targeted subjects over people. What makes CrossStream unique? Its targeted analysis and correlation tool and its data sources provided in real-time which makes it extremely sensitive to people's reaction.